So you're not into that whimsical, classic or traditional wedding style and love to be a little different. Perhaps you love to stand out and show your true colours even though that means not conforming to the traditional elements of a wedding. An alternative type wedding theme could be the answer. You could show your quirks and unusual passions and hobbies on your big day. Considering an alternative theme could let your imagination run wild. It's your big day, so why not make it memorable, joyous and a reflection of you.

alternative wedding

alternative wedding theme

 An alternative style could feel magical and positively immersive. Unexpected elements such as pets or coloured bridal wear will challenge the style followers and the more reserved. It may make your guests eyes widen and give a wow! Isn't that what you want for your wedding? Throw out the idea of formal satin and lace shoes and go barefoot on the beach or wear your wellies with pride, mud and all.

green wedding

An alternative wedding will always have a free spirit feel. As you know the tradition for a wedding dress is white, but using bold coloured fabrics or a dark hue could look breathtaking, spectacular and celebrate your individualism.

So you've taken the first steps to your unique and meaningful wedding. Adding in some stunning florals, plants and trees will add to the drama and atmosphere. Think about the different styles of bouquets from tight displays or an organic and loose look. A wild looking bouquet with deep burgundy flowers and dark foliage could look exquisite and equally as impressive as a tight bouquet with bright coloured flowers.

Creating groups of tropical style plants will add to a dark and moody style wedding. Utilizing the wide spectrum of plants available, it's a great idea to mix foliage types to add interest. Perhaps a Kentia Palm, mixed with a Fatsia Japonica and Tree Ferns adds some contrasting foliage. Tables displayed with spiky cacti is a little more unexpected and a quirky addition. Push the boundaries by introducing brights or even delve deeper into alternative by making the colour theme black, a deep red or green for a more spooky feel. A heavy black theme with the odd addition of gold could look bold and stunning. In a reception room perhaps tables could be covered with black table cloths with black candles in gold candle holders. Green foliage would complement this scheme and would suit a dark style. 

The possibilities are endless, so make your wedding personal, full of your passions and packed full of your quirky colour choices  


Bright coloured wedding theme


music wedding


Trees & plants to hire for this look:

Any from cacti to Jasmine arches.



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