Bay Trees

Swathes or pockets of greenery evoke a sense of calm and finished quality to wedding venues, events and festivals. Natural green touches are pure, simple and un-fussy. The Bay tree has an eternal feel, evoking visions of sun-drenched Mediterranean vistas with white-washed walls and tumbling sun-bleached buildings. There's the deep azure still seas ready to be plunged into and comforting temperatures ready to envelop you with sun beams baking every surface. But how does the bay tree translate into a UK setting and how can they be used for weddings and events to best effect?


Bay Trees glastonbury

The bay tree is up there in the popularity stakes with the stunning silvery-green foliage of olive tree. Fuss Pots offers a wide selection of sizes of bay trees with a long stem and a neat sphere of bay leaves for the top. Classic and elegant, the bay tree can be opted for romantic weddings and stylish events. The deep green aromatic leaves are what make this plant so special. They can be formed into exquisite tight clusters producing a lollipop look. A pyramid shape is another formal look to add interest and variety to a scheme. The bay tree is so versatile and impactful and their ability to be shaped means they will always look good against old-worldly and crisp modern architecture.

Bay Tree Ceremony area

You've seen it many times before, but flanking an entrance or wedding ceremony area with two bay trees looks classic and sophisticated and lures your guests into a venue. Al fresco weddings and events can utilise their upright nature to frame ceremony areas and to line pathways. At Glastonbury festival bay trees were not only used to add greenery and life to the V.I.P tents, but were used to segregate sections and act as a visual barrier, creating rooms within an open space. Because of their simple form that's replicated into each tree, they work well to balance spaces and add symmetry that is oh so pleasing for the eye. We have bold beauties that are almost adult sized right down cute small ones that can be placed as decor on reception tables. Placed as dining table decor at a wedding or event, the thin stems allow people to still see each other once sat down, but their strong leafy forms add impact and a wow factor much like the mighty olive tree. 

Being evergreen, the bay tree is a staple hire tree all year round. Not only are their formal and classic looks a positive, their leaves can be harvested and used in cooking. Thinking of their homelands, the bay tree will obviously love well drained soil and a sunny or part shaded spot. They can take a little bit of frost, but love to be protected from cold strong winds. We're fully equipped with artificial bay trees too if your wedding or event venue is a little challenged by extreme weather.

Bays add a bit of luxury and complement simple styles. A timeless and sophisticated colour palette of white and green suits this type of tree. A paired down and a pulled back colour palette creates a dreamy simplicity that Mediterranean shores do so well at. We love them as they suit classic and contemporary styles. They will sit nicely with crumbling stone walls or perfectly smooth modern white walls in gardens. Indoors they add style to mid-century modern furniture or add simplicity to busy, detailed interiors.

The bay tree can be showcased in pots that are either detailed or simple in their form. A simple hessian covering and bark chippings on top of the soil works particularly well allowing for the foliage to be the focus.


Bay tree

These trees will always deliver class and elegance, so whether you're creating intimate spaces within a venue or festival, or looking to add a touch of elegance to a wedding setting, the bay tree adds good structural bones and touches of green. These stunners will add a sense of escapism to your day and add a stylish touch evocative of tranquil sunny escapes.

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Photo of Bay leaves by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.