Christmas Wreaths

Embrace the winter chill and head out to nature to forage for greenery to spruce up your space for Christmas. Wreaths are a little architectural gem that can transform your door for the upcoming season. To be greeted by a little bit of greenery and a splash of nature and colour on your way home from work or after a long day of being on your feet shopping is one of life's small pleasures. 

Wreaths create a stunning vignettes to admire and even smell heavenly creating that comforting feeling and providing a sense of nostalgia. A wreath can be a lovely addition to your Christmas decorations, but is also a lovely gift in the run up to Christmas. You can go all out with a traditional wreath and pack in lots of greenery and decadent regal colours such as red and purple or simplify with just using greenery from eucalyptus to spruce sprigs to emulate a scandi style. 


Christmas Wreath




Your wreath can take pride of place on the front door for all to admire and will look just as pleasing on a modern door as it would on a old characterful door. Wreaths symbolise eternity which is represented by their circular shape, as a circle has no beginning or end. For Christians this shape signifies the unending circle of life. A wreath typically consists of lush evergreens and this symbolizes everlasting life and growth through the harsh winter conditions. A wreath can also be made to mark the winter soltice for the pagan holiday of Yule. Yule, also known as Midwinter, is a twelve day festival held to celebrate the returning of the sun and the seasonal cycle.


Wreaths Chistmas


Whether you have a belief or not, we think a wreath adds to the holiday tradition and winter merriment. A wreath could simply be hung to greet you when you return home or to hint to guests what your colour or style is inside your home. This in turn provides a connection with your outdoor and indoor living spaces. They can be adorned with traditional pieces from holly, spuce sprigs and pine cones, or modern touches such as jewels, shells and pampas grass to suit your tastes and complement your abode. A few outdoor twinkly lights wrapped around your wreath could make it even more joyful and even think about placing your wreath indoors on a wall or on top of a mantel piece where it can be admired more frequently. 


 traditional wreath


Simple Eucalyptus wreath 


Door Wreath

Head over to the Braunton Christmas Market this Saturday (7/11/19) or to the Barnstaple Taw Garage Service Station to take a peek at our wreaths for sale.