Cycas plant hire
From a magical jungle elopement to a tropical themed festival, the cycas palm offers wonderful architectural form, sturdy and intriguing. These ornamental palms (cycas revoluta) native to the south of Japan steals everyone's attention. Their structure is fascinating, a strong chunky, woody trunk bears attractive large leaves. The unusual leaves are coined as pinnate leaves, which describes leaflets opposing each other on a stem. These beauties are slow growers that will eventually rise up 6 metres with a leaf spread of 1 metre. This growth could take as long as 50-100 years. In the UK these plants thrive in an indoor environment, requiring bright, indirect light. They love to be watered frequently in the summer and sparingly in the winter. 
Plant Styling
The remarkably decorative plants can steal attention on their own, however grouped with a plethora of other tropical plants, such as the butterfly palms and kentia palms, they collectively ooze that tropical vibe and envelop you in a sea of green. If you're aiming for an intimate feel for a wedding reception or festival tent then these groupings will offer that blanket of green with a cocooning feel.
Plant Styling
Botanical wedding event
Trpical Plants


Photography - Catherine Spiller Photography

Prop - The Prop factory

Venue -Escot House

Flower - Folly Lane Flowers

Dress & Accessories -  Days of Grace

Stylist and Stationary - Knots and Kisses

Furniture and Props - The Prop Factory