There's a relaxed rhythm to the plant kingdom and with spring in full swing, gardens and hedgerows are coming back to life and filling every inch on embankments and gardens. Among the grass and daffodils, ferns will be unfurling, reaching to a full satisfying stretch. Some fern varieties with their elegant stems, uncurl and resemble a sea horse's tail before fully flourishing into a leaf structure that feels prehistoric and something that you'd find in a Jurassic Park film. These coiled fiddleheads which refer to the shape at the end of a fiddle, expand into fronds which we adore for their fascinating structures. The outdoor tree ferns work in harmony with a burnt black larch cladded house or a boston fern will look stunning in an indoor hanger situated in a quaint cottage. No doubt, there's a tree fern to suit any style and any home, or event that's aching for some greenery.

Ferns unfurling

A fern of any sorts will be a conversation starter and will enhance a space and make for an eye-catching still-life. There are so many varieties including the asparagus ferns (asparagus setaceus), bird's nest ferns (asplenium nidus) and boston ferns (bostonienis) to name a few. Ferns come in all shapes and sizes, so can be applicable to any space. Large groupings with a mixture of types would contribute to the wow factor, while adding smaller varieties dotted or in swathes along the length of dinner tables at a wedding, could add a softness to a space, colour and a instant pop of green. The tree fern is a popular favourite for styling, wonderfully tactile and interesting to the eye. Varying heights of tree fern will be intriguing, bold, and will instantly produce a jungle vibe. 


Boston Fern 

Ferns don't have seeds or flowers, so how do these plants reproduce? Spores is the answer! Those tiny dots on the underside of the leaves that you probably questioned at some point as to what they actually were, are the spores and can be collected and used to grow new plants. Some ferns are considered weeds around the world and grow profusely. They occupy woodland floors offering a flourishing green carpet for small animals to navigate their way safely and add a lush envelopment of green goodness in high banked lanes and hedgerows. The fronds of different types of ferns can vary significantly from very simplistic forms to more complex ones like the ones you'd find on a tree fern. The leafy structures on a tree fern orignate form the stipe and are called pinnae. These pinnae are then divide into pinnules giving that intricate leaf structure.

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 Found in nature, ferns will often occupy spaces next to streams and moist woodland and forest areas. Along with its mysterious way of reproducing, the fern has also been intertwined with folklore. Through the middle ages, it was believed that the seeds of the fern were invisible and that their seed could only be found on St.Johns Eve on June 23rd. Anyone that possessed these "seeds" could find treasure, discern the language of birds, and be as strong as 40 men.

To the Victorians the fern symbolized sincerity and humility. The Japanese regarded the fern as a symbol of family and hope for future generations, while new beginnings and new life were symbolized by the fern for the Maori of New Zealand. The ancient fern was also a symbol of good luck and eternal youth to some cultures.

In history, ferns were considered for treating ailments such as contusions, bruises, snakebites, cuts and stomach pains. Certain plants or parts of the fern were utilized by turning them into pastes, lotions and powdered substances. In the Himalayas, lotion was made from the roots of Botrychium. virginianum to treat bruises, cuts and snakebites.

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Fern plant

If you're planning a festival or event, then enshrouding a designated area could provide a wonderful retreat or secret garden feel for people to escape to. Or, if you want to add a tiny bit of greenery to a restaurant space or wedding venue then the tree fern or groupings of ferns could be a pleasant focal point or background to the happy hustle and bustle. If you do choose to invigorate a space with some greenery, then the fern can be a happy symbol of good luck and eternal youth!