Flower Girls

What better accompaniment to the bridal crew than a super adorable pocket sized flower girl. There's sure to be an "aww" here and there as they potter around at your wedding. This is an ideal opportunity to add in some more flowers to create even more cohesion and make a flower girl feel special and excited for the big day. It gives a flower girl something to admire and focus on when all eyes are on her admiring the cuteness. It could also be the ideal distraction for the free-spirited mischief or the shy, quiet child perhaps?

Wedding Flower Girl

A flower girl tends to be under the age of 7 years, so duties are simple and can be anything from walking with a page boy or ring bearer down the aisle. For their comfort, a well known older bridesmaid who can hold their hand is another option. They can walk behind the maid of honor down the aisle, scattering flower petals to signal the arrival of the bride. These petals could fit in with the colour theme of the wedding or be picked to be symbolic. Traditionally, the bride would then walk over the scattered flowers down the aisle. Sometimes a flower girl will just carry flowers or distribute them to the wedding crowd. It could feel a little overwhelming for the small ones, so a good practice will ease nerves and the duties adjusted for the age of the child and their confidence levels. 

Flower Girl Wand

 They'll be some "awws" and no doubt some tears from family members at the sight of the bundle of cuteness. Adding extra floral embellishments to your flower girl can add impact to the overall theme of the wedding. It's common for a flower girl to hold a lightweight bouquet or basket of flowers. A wand like arrangement or floral ring can be easy to hold and if you're going for simplicity, a single stem can look just as endearing. Flower crowns and wrist embellishments are another alternative or addition, that can ramp up the adorable factor and tie in with your colour theme or floral choices.

Flower headdress


Wedding headdress

Most likely, your flower girl will be a close family member so you'll have an idea on what they will feel comfortable with. There are many things to consider to make the right choice on what your flower girl will hold or be adorned with. Think of their age, their confidence levels and how comfortable they would feel holding or wearing an object. Little arms or small children that have no interest in holding something may mean embellishing with a flower crown or an embellishment around the wrist called a wrist corsage. They may, however, love a fairy wand that makes them feel like a princess and they can play with it imaginatively during the day. They may even love holding a colourful single stem. Older children would perhaps feel comfortable holding a small posy or basket of flowers. Pomander bouquets are another alternative which can be held with a simple ribbon.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl Accessorise

 So which flowers are best? Tying in the bridal bouquet is an option or pick out flowers in a complementary colour. For the extra little ones,  Baby's Breath can look super cute in flower crowns or bouquets. Their small flowers look dainty and uplifting and have the added advantage of being feather light compared to thicker stemed flowers. A single hydrangea head can look simple and effective or a mini version of the brides bouquet is a beautiful way of bringing everything together. Small delicate blooms can be integrated and worn for a wrist corsage or use strong statement blooms such as roses mixed in with ruscus for head crowns that look stunning.

Having a flower girl is the perfect and cutest addition to your wedding procession. You can be confident that they will be a highlight for all your family members and friends. There's lots to consider, but simplicity is key. Adorn them with stunning blooms, a simple posy or flower wand for cuteness overload at your wedding! 

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