Fuss Pots at Glastonbury

When you think of Glastonbury Festival you think of the iconic festival notorious for amazing music blasting from the stages, muddy welly boots, a party vibe and billowing clouds ready to produce the next downpour. We were excitingly given the opportunity to showcase our range plants and trees there, although our team of four arrived in the calm before the storm in the weekend before all the antics began. 

Months before the festival, Fuss Pots were given a brief for the look of the V.I.P tents. A large selection of our trees and plants were destined for these luxurious tents aiming to liven up the spaces with verdant greens and to soften the gorgeous rustic textures of furniture supplied by the lovely team at Virginias Vintage Hire. The gorgeous Katy form Virginias Vintage Hire met us on site at the festival and was amazingly calm, friendly and super organised in helping us get the right plants to the right tents in the smoothest way possible.

Fatsia Plants for Glastonbury Festival


Plant Hire for Glastonbury

Our first task was to deliver olive trees, bay trees, grasses and fig plants to the V.I.P tents. These plants and trees were placed into natural fiber baskets and provided with a good layer of mulch over the soil to smarten them up and to help with moisture retention in the soil. We couldn't help the odd snoop around some of the V.I.P tents which were yet to be fully styled. They had space in abundance, bathrooms that wouldn't look out of place at home and the controversial use of cream carpet on the floors! Virginias Vintage Hire had some of their items in place. Gorgeous velvet Chesterfield sofas, rustic industrial floor lamps and rustic timber side boards gave us an idea of the intended vibe that these spaces would finally have.  

Olive trees and grasses

Large Olive Tree

Olive trees and Lavender plants

 Trees and plants for restaurant

Large, loosely pruned olive trees with a hessian wrapping around their pots were delivered to the Pop-Up Hotel alongside pale stemmed silver birch trees. The silvery green foliage of the olive trees and silvery stems of the birch trees contrasted stunningly with the natural tones of the flooring and walls. Tall tightly pruned olive trees, and lavenders placed in old white urns flanked the entrance to the pamper room enticing you to enter and provided a feel of elegance to the space. 

Glastonbury Pop-Up Hotel

Plants and trees for hire

Virginias Vintage Hire

It was a pleasure to source trees and plants that we didn't stock. Shapely succulents, mini lemon trees and trailing ivy plants were some of the new additions that we can add to our hire list for the future. These worked brilliantly with some our popular assortment of plants like Fatsia Japonica, birch trees and lavenders.

Large Olive tree

Potted trees

Fig, grass & olive trees

succulents and lemon trees

The Pop-Up Hotel

The plants and trees used, provided a lovely simple contrast to the cream colours of the tents, the rusty tones and raw wood finishes of the furniture. The plants softened some of the linear lines adding some life to the spaces and offered lushness and a sense of drama to help create more intimate spaces. We left Virginias Vintage Hire to commence with their styling and we can't wait to show you the end results with living and socializing spaces finally curated and styled.