Greenery Trend

There's been a resurgence in the use of greenery in our homes, work spaces and at wedding venues and the greenery trend doesn't seem to be budging any time soon. It seems we all feel the benefit of a hint of greenery here and there in the spaces we occupy and want to spruce up! These intriguing photo-shoots showcase the importance of adding life and softness to hard lines and a jolt of colour to moody and atmospheric historic buildings.  

Botanical Wedding

Greenery goes hand in hand with anything vintage, complementing anything lavishly gold or brass and fitting in with galvanised pots and stoneware. Apothecary bottles in amber or forest greens suit this trend and greenery leaps out against deep mahogany furniture and leather. Cascading ivy, frothy fern fronds and the structural impact from palms and Cycas embellish further this already character packed Victorian space. Quirky and aesthetically pleasing, this shoot is packed with intricate details that keeps you studying the imagery over and over. There's so much to notice in these dreamy photos that the planting helps to add to the drama, yet add some delicateness and softness, allowing the curated curiosities to shine through.

Botanical Wedding

Greenery can not only be applied to rustic barns and historical buildings, but can be an important role when applied to new buildings or spaces without any obvious character. Marquees, tents and tipis with their beautiful simple and paired down qualities can be punctuated by structural green planting. This is where jasmine arches, birch trees, privet topiary, bays, weeping willows, fig trees and olive trees can add personality and colour to a space. 

Greenery Wedding Decor

A rich green palette mixed with opulent golds and silky textures was the basis of this Decadent Glamour photo-shoot. Luxurious elements such as the decadent cakes, golden hints and lavish green textures, alongside deep green foliage, contrast elegantly against the warm tones of the walls and wooden aspects. These glamorous elements seem to shine through against these earthy textures.

Green Wedding Trend

Green Trend

Greenery adds a soothing touch to spaces, but can also invigorate any space and add drama depending on the plant choice. Foliage can be incorporated into any scheme and will create beautiful moments around a wedding venue or event venue. Pick statement structural pieces mixed in with contrasting shaped foliage plants and sprinkle in stunning cut greenery on message boards, tables or any plain surface that needs livening up! 

Recommended plants, trees and flowers to hire for this look:

Palms, Cycas, Succulents, Ferns, Ivy, Crassula, Herbs, Olive Trees and Hydrangea.


Victorian Botanical Photoshoot:

Venue - Escot House
Concept Props & Styling - The Prop Factory
Photographer - Catherine Spiller Photography
Stationary - Watercolour Woodshed
Cakes - Claire's Sweet Temptations
Plants - Fuss Pots
Bridal Hair - Zan Potts
Grooms Hair - Collete Costa
MUA - Collete Costa
In association with - Steven and Laurent
Florist - Folly Lane Flowers
Dress & Accessories - Days of Grace
Models - Jennifer & Paul Shoubridge

Decadant Glamour Photoshoot:

Stylist - Knots & Kisses
Photograph - Daze of Glory
Venue - Ashridge Great Barn
Cake - Kate Alexandra
Florist -  Brompton Buds
Black Dresses -  Christine Trewinnard
Green Dress - Abidemaids
Shoes -  Emmy Shoes London
Accessories - The Lucky Sixpence
Plants - Fuss Pots
Canapes & Cocktails - Thirst Choice & Garnish
Prop Hire -The Prop Factory, Keeping It Vintage, Virginias Vintage Hire,
Velvet Linens -  Magpie Linens

Laser Cut Signage - Merrie & Bright

Rings - Erin Cox Jewellery, Molten Wedding Ring Company,