The Hydrangea is one of those stunning plants that can look boldly traditional, or simplistic and contemporary, depending on the execution of a display and the type of Hydrangea you choose. They're loved for their large delicate flower heads and rich green foliage exuding femininity and charm. A shrubby type Hydrangea can often be seen in British gardens, celebrating it's capacity to grow large and billowy, lending to a more traditional look. A single Hydrangea head, in crisp white, added to a pew end could be recognized as a more modern touch to a traditional setting. 

hydrangea table top display

From mid to late summer a Hydrangea will flower and can often be used in flower arrangements or even dried to add interest to a vase. These enchanting plants are not too fussy, being tolerant to a range of soils, but fascinatingly blue flowers will emerge if the plant is planted in highly acidic soil. 

Hydrangea wedding

The word Hydrangea is derived from Greek and means "water vessel". This is interestingly attributed to the shape of the seed capsules. These beauties native to Asia and the Americas are a little sensitive when it come to flower arranging and can be a little puzzling to an amateur florist. They have a tendency to wilt easily once cut, however a trick to rejuvenate them is by placing the stems in hot boiling water.


Hydrangeas can add structure by being potted and can flank entrances and altars, or they can evoke an indulgent and feminine look by being adding to a jasmine arch or to a table top display. They can be integrated into a traditional look or contemporary formal look. Think of rustic wood crates or clean lined square planters to gain the effect you want. These flowers heads can look simply stunning on their own or with extra floral and greenery embellishment. Pew ends can look dreamy with these flower heads, some charmingly delicate gypsophilia and trailing ivy. 

If you're stuck for ideas of what plants or flowers to use for your wedding or event then the Hydrangea could be a goer. They're versatile, simply delightful and will also integrate well into many themes.

Hydrangea on a Jasmine Arch

Hydrangea Pew End Display

Hydrangea in Rustic Box


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