Free roaming and free spirited, the ivy plant is one of those greenery pieces that will tie in with most wedding themes or events. It has an unruly quality, boldly seeking the next available free space to spread it's green loveliness. Often un-noticed on derelict urban buildings or creeping up woodland trees, this green beauty has a relentlessness and strive for life. If you take a walk you're sure to find some attached to stony walls or latched onto farm fence post. As it's so abundant we're sure to miss it, but these plants can add life and vibrancy to a space. They have a admirable magical quality that can help transform a sterile space or run down building, presenting a serene feeling. 
Ivy Urn
(Photo by Luke van Zyl on Unsplash)
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Trailing Ivy
Sprawling tendrils of ivy add a spot of romanticism to a space and emanate a woodland feel. They can be incorporated into a display easily and can be used for table top displays, hung from ceilings, placed on shelving, window ledges or mantel pieces. They add a hint of drama with beautiful elegance, with their long wisps of greenery draping down. Trailing plants grouped with other plants that contrast with their form work particularly well. Pick an upright birch tree or olive tree, or low level herb in a terracotta pot to draw the eye of your guests around the room. Expect ivy to look dreamy in stone-wear, rusty pots, ornate metal urns, wooden crates, and placed as under-planting to cover the soil in potted trees. Their charm and character can be admired within an indoor or outdoor setting -  their presence enhanced when grouped with plants with different colored foliage or differing structures.
Hanging Ivy
Ivy under-planting
Ivy will provoke a meaning to different people, perhaps they remind you of childhood adventures roaming around trickling streams and woodlands on your own, enjoying a great escape. Perhaps they conjure up excitement as they remind you of a recent short stay in fairy tale manor house or castle. Their organic nature, weaving and clutching onto buildings and trees, evoke a dreamy quality and a nod to history as they latch onto things that have stood for centuries. Ivy can grow densely providing prolific ground cover for animals, hiding eyesores on buildings and offering nectar for wildlife. These cascading and climbing specimens are generally un-fussy about soil type and can grow vigorously, even in the shade. Climbing ivy clings tightly to upright buildings wandering freely over rough surfaces and can produce a delightful backdrop for wedding or event photography. 
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(Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash)

Venue - Escot House

Concept, Props & Styling - The Prop Factory

Photographer - Catherine Spiller Photography

Florist - Folly Lane Flowers