Kentia Palm - Howea Forsteriana

Howea Forsteriana (Kentia Palm) is one of those statement plants that's easy to care for and makes an impact in a room. We love them because they're hardy and will take children and large pets running past them. Even better still, they can take low light levels making them an easy plant to place in a home setting. If your not great at watering or have a place for them which has fluctuating temperatures, this plant will tolerate it.  
Kentia Palm
Kentia Palms can really add impact by adding height and a lush green hue. The Prop factory know their stuff and have placed the plants emphasizing the height of the plant by contrasting with smaller plants. There's also an obvious contrast between the plants foliage. This in turn amplifies the drama in this look and creates interest. There are endless possibilities in styling and developing groupings. Symmetry is always a winner, so placing these plants either side of a focal point creates a formal style that could look more modern, elegant and  minimalist. A space can equally be transformed by grouping these plants with lots of other plants, injecting a large splash of green and making a space mesmerizing and cocooning. 
Kentia Palms have the ability to be stylish in just about any type of planter. Placed in a woven raffia basket a Kentia Palm can lean towards the popular bohemian style, or can look fuss-free and sophisticated in a modern pot. 
Howea Forsteriana
This wonderful specimen is endemic to and an Australian island called Lord Howe Island, which explains it's tropical look. Eventually these plants can reach 10m tall and 6m wide with it's gorgeous fronds extending to 3m long. These bold beauties are one of our most popular choices and look aesthetically pleasing in any setting or event from weddings to festivals. Their presence is felt as soon as you walk in a room and they will always rejuvenate a corner of a home or office adding life, colour and interest for the eye. 
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