Monstera Deliciosa

These resilient and hardy plants that are flamboyant and oozing with exotic charm, are one of those on trend plants to occupy a space in your home or at festival or wedding. Monstera deliciosa, also affectionately known as a cheese plant or swiss cheese plant, know how to command attention. Untamed, they sprawl out invading any space you give it, perfect if you love a jungle look, or they can be tamed up a moss poll, adding a vertical height element to a space. They're just so amazing to look at! With mature plants having leaves bigger than the size of your head, any enthusiast will love showing off these magnificent beasts with "the head test"!

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 Much like the people that adorn their homes with a monstera, these plants are easygoing and intriguing. These dramatic climbing plants fully blossom once they reach maturity. Their leaves unfurl gracefully displaying a vivid green solid leaf. Soft leaves then grow splits and holes called leaf fenestration's, which is why they are admired and named a swiss cheese plant. Their leaves are highly glossy and require a good wipe down, removing dust to help with photosynthesis. These beasts tolerate many conditions within a home in the UK, from low light to bright indirect light. Obviously in the latter condition they will grow profusely. Slightly drought tolerant, a monstera can miss the odd watering with one of the biggest mistakes being to water too often, as this will lead to root rot.


In nature, monstera use their thick vines to support themselves on other vegetation, such as trees. They grow to a phenomenal size hence the word monstera. This word is thought to have been derived from the latin word, Monstrum, which is a latin word meaning Monster, as it can grow 20 metres tall in its natural habitat once attached to a tree. Deliciosa means delicious and pertains to the fruits it produces that are edible. The main plant is toxic if eaten to people and pets, however they can produce a fruit likened to the taste of pineapple and banana, which sounds like a winning combo! These potential monster plants originating from places such as Mexico and Panama, now reside in many other tropical places and of course in gardens, homes and offices around the world.

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These wonderous plants with elliptic holes were once incredibly popular in the 70's alongside spider plants and macrame. Now a resurgence in popularity these plants are now again populating peoples homes, livening up bland spaces and providing something to nurture. Keep an eye out for variegated cultivars with Monstera Deliciosa var Albo Variegata, Monstera Deliciosa var Aura and Variegata,Monstera Deliciosa var Thai Constellation being the most stunning, rare and expensive plants to obtain. The Albo variation is caused by a rare mutation, meaning parts of the plant are white and not green. They are gorgeous and hard to obtain, and, the plant can revert back to being a green plant. Another quirk is that even though a leaf with lots of white is incredibly stunning, it will actually struggle to photosynthesize effectively.

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The monstera deliciosa is back in vogue and can be used to add impact at a wedding, event, festival, work space or even just your home. Monstera can be hired from Fuss Pots to create a jungle feel mixed in with other tropics for a festival or wedding. These bold evergreens, tough and tolerant, can add to a botanical themed wedding, a wellness or bohemian style festival or 70's revival event or birthday party. Their application is endless. Use with other plants to add scale and contrast, place in a symmetrical or repeating manner and use height to your advantage. Placing them on tables, plant stands, or adding small specimens in wall hung baskets or filling a corner with one will add impact to a room. If you're into a minimalist or maximalist feel, or love a jungle, botanical or boho feel for a wedding or event, then the well loved Swiss Cheese Plant could be the best statement accessory.



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