Regal Purple & Calming Eucalyptus Wedding and Events

Natural elements are so key to developing a stunning wedding or event. Refreshing yet restful greenery will always play a part in creating a cohesive scheme and a palette that is easy on the eye. Combined with large or small additions of purple hues this combination is classic and familiar. Lilac infused pastels will balance a bouquet or flower arrangement with creamy whites and greens, but will also complement bold sunny yellows, indulgent plum tones feminine peach hues.

Modern Rustic Wedding

 A purple tone will help to create a feeling of indulgence that is soothing. An abundance of this colour in flowers used in a display can feel quite dramatic, however in these example images we've found that less, but more intentionally placed flowers in this tone can have just as much impact. The purple tone offset by plum tones will add a more regal opulent finishing touch. Purple blooms are suggested to represent admiration and accomplishment. In medieval times the colour purple was prized and given significance as it was rare to find for decorating and dying fabrics, and was therefore for the rich and royalty to accrue.

Traditional Wedding Bouquet

Eucalyptus is a go to greenery for any special occasion as they last well and have a simplicity that will combine with many types of flowers. Verdant greens are such a refreshing colour that can feel enlivening, whilst the soft blue-green tones of eucalyptus are soothing and nurturing. Eucalyptus originates from tropical and sub-tropical areas and is the holy tree for Aboriginals. This fantastic plant will combine with any flower, although a favorite is to combine with roses, gypsophila or any flower or greenery with a very different form to it. Another pleasing combination of ours is utilizing eucalyptus with ruscus and delicate gypsophila. This combo looks timeless and elegant and placed on pew ends, can soften the strong architectural elements in churches.

Milk Churn Decoration


Purple & Green Wedding Bouquet


Wedding Flower Display


Church Aisle


We would love to hear from you to discuss styling ideas and colour combinations, or perhaps you're looking for those finishing touches with olive trees and jasmine arches. We have a wide range of trees and plants for hire and many vase and container options to choose from. Handmade dreamy touches from wedding table displays to dainty button holes are what we love to create, alongside statement bouquets and entrance displays.

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Trees and plants to hire for this look:
Sea Holly
Kentia Palm
Fatsia Japonica leaves
Olive trees
Tree hire and flower arrangements - Fuss Pots
Photography (top photo) Joshua Rhys Photography
Styling - Best Day Ever Devon
Venue - Old Barn Wedding