One of the unsung heroes of the floristry world is the Scabiosa or Scabious, which is a member of the honeysuckle family. Their soft and gentle flower heads work in bouquets, complementing the more bold, structural and attention-grabbing flowers. Found in a medley of colours, subtle pastel tones include mauvey-blue and tender purples, whilst these can also come in bold shades like claret, or gentle creamy-white tones. There are some showy varieties with saucer sized heads, and then there are the gorgeous common names such as Paper Moon, Star Flower, Miss Willmot and Moerheim Blue. The Scabiosa are delightfully know as pincushions and as you start to admire them you can see why. Romanticism is at the core of these blooms, thriving in meadows and cottage borders, they are the simple forms that will reignite a passion for delicate simplicity.

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Frilly and delicate, these blooms are linked to the word scabies or the old latin word scabere, which means "to scratch". In the deep past they were thought to relieve the itch of scabies and many other skin conditions. They represent pure love, warmth, peace, purity and love, adding a meaningful touch to any flower arrangement.

These flowers generally have a succession of blooms, filling out borders or perfect for picking to place in a bouquet. Bees and butterflies absolutely love them with their heads acting as a large landing pad. Their distinctive qualities are they tend to have slender stems and have enlarged outer florets. Leafy stems can be either hairy or smooth. Basking in full sun is their preference, being native to Europe, Asia and Africa and they are relatively hardy thriving in most parts of the UK. There are many varieties from annuals, biennials and perennials depending if you want to reseed every year or not. 


Cottage gardens or prairie style gardens suit this pick of plant, adding to the free form and laid-back feel or a border. They add a carefree feeling to bouquets, never vying for attention and making them especially suited to gift bouquets.Joyful, whimsical and romantic, they add a special something to wedding bouquets, with subtle pastel shades being ideal for vintage styles. A coastal style wedding day could use these handsome flowers with gentle purple-blue hues connecting with the ocean or use claret shades for impact and a more ballsy effect. These stunning blooms may not pack as much of  punch when compared to luxury dahlias and lilies, but will add beautiful delicate details, expressing a natural look and adding a lightness to a bouquet.

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