Uplifting Spring


spring flowers

They're there ready and waiting with their green limbs poking out of sodden soil, or they're already creating a sunny uplifting glow in your garden or on the roadside. Spring has arrived and an abundance of sunny yellows, deep purples and lush greens seem to effortlessly appear from nowhere. Tulips provide a riot of colour, while Daffodils glow yellow in dim light. Then there's the white snowdrops nodding their delicate heads below trees in wooded areas. This is a time to nest a little, but tinker with plants for a few moments in the garden while the air is still crisp. Rummage in the shed to find some seeds to pop in soil, or bring in a single stem sunny daffodil in from the outside to brighten a corner of your home. It's time to enjoy the simple things, enjoy our garden, windowsill garden, read that book surrounded by plants or move things around your home and create new displays with what you have already. Immersing yourself in the outdoors by gardening or bringing the outdoors in with picked flowers or foliage, helps in a little escapism and comfort. A quick stint in tidying the garden or taking care of our indoor plants is cathartic and grounding.

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spring flowers

Spring bulbs

Spring favorites include Daffodils and Hyacinths. Daffodils, or narcissus, return every year to catch our attention. They're easy to grow and need no maintenance, so they breeze through the spring season without you having to intervene. These sunny and bold characters symbolize friendship, and capture the essence of spring. They make our hearts feel light, and our mood uplifted and full of hope. If you're not into yellow then these beauties also come in white, cream, pink and orange with an array of different flower head shapes. Daffodils are the staples of spring, but they never disappoint.

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Hyacinths love to grow and bloom in spring and can have exquisite star shaped flowers. They erupt into some of the most stunning colours, from lavender, to peach and red. There's an indulgent tone that will appeal to different tastes, making this a perfect pick to style up into an indoor container or into a vase of water to give as a gift. Blue Grape hyacinths are a lovely choice for containers as their dainty forms take up a small amount of space, but their colour is intense with its electric blue tones. In addition, Hyacinths have the most alluring fragrance which will fill the air with a sweet scent. Placed in a container that sits on a windowsill or on a dining table, these charming flowers will add a heavenly decor piece to your home to admire as you go about your day. 

blue grape hyacinths 

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