Simple Barn Wedding

Amidst the country fields sits this alluring barn in Somerset. What makes this venue so successful? A combination of the pale warm hues of the rustic building walls and textured wooden beams shrouded in light by the huge expanses of glass, creates this intimate but bright and uplifting space. Adding to the enchantment of the scheme are twinkling fairy lights and simple evergreen plants and trees placed intentionally to draw the eye to certain areas. Whites and greens soften the sturdy rustic walls and adds an air of simple sophistication and a sense of calm, perfect for resting those jittery nerves.

Barn Wedding


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Area

This expanse of space flooded with natural light can take formal and structural trees and plants laid out in a symmetrical manner. Topiary three ball privets, bay trees and olive trees connect the indoors with the stunning outdoors and leads the eye to the ceremony area. These items can also be placed outside to frame entrances and passageways. Placing green on a ceremony table and chairs also helps the eye dance around the room and adds to the balanced look. This desirable barn setting is transformed by adding these elegant natural elements. A combination of crisp white planters and dark green foliage looks simple but has a stunning effect. This look could take both ornate traditional style planters or more plain contemporary style pots.

Olive Tree sand Bay Trees

Placing the trees and plants in groups helps creates vignettes perfect for photo opportunities. Their structures add interest and colour, and integrated with props from rustic tables and chairs creates intimate areas within your reception or ceremony grounds. A barn setting integrated with some green elements forms a  perfect blend. This look could be made to feel less formal by adding trees such as eucalyptus trees, lace bark trees, crab apple trees or weeping willows. These can help add height to a scheme, which works perfectly will high ceilings and grand buildings. This restricted palette offers a grounded but still luxurious feel that guests will be enamored with.

Tree Hire


Olive Tree Hire


Wedding tree Hire


Olive Tree Hire

Trees & Plants to hire for this look:

Bay trees

Olive trees

Topiary standard privet

Topiary three ball privet

Silver Birch


Hoheria/Lace Bark trees

Weeping Willow


Tree & plant hire - Fuss Pots

Styling & Flowers - Eveleigh Events

Photography - Freeformimages

Model - Gemma - The Contemporalypa

Venue - Mapperton Estate

Gowns and Accesories - Indie Bride London

Make-up Artist - Kirsten Sare Make-Up Artist