The Final Styling at Glastonbury Festival

Bay Trees
With the days and nights at Glastonbury Festival charged with excitement and anticipation of great times ahead, and the allure of punchy and mellow music sets catering for all, we felt privileged to have a small part in contributing to the atmosphere and magic with our plants and trees. Our trees and plants were left in the hands of Virginias Vintage Hire who carefully curated spaces in the V.I.P areas to be both beautiful and functional.
Glastonbury Festival
These areas felt welcoming, casual and vibrant, with foliage working in harmony with the vintage furniture and objects. Bamboo seating and white washed panels set an almost bohemian vibe, reclaimed materials created a rustic feel, and velvet and leather Chesterfield sofas provided luxury and grandeur. The plants were expertly placed to create a rhythm around the room, so that the eye moved from one green piece to another, making the space engaging.
The Pop Up Hotel
Virginias Vintage Hire created the most gorgeous spaces. Essentially the glamping tents and social areas had a wonderful eclectic feel with an amalgamation of lots of different textures with a palette of soft creams, browns and blue tones. The spaces looked bright and airy, filled with characterful worn pieces of furniture. Relaxed displays of seasonal blooms sat with the stunning greens of our trees and plants, bringing life to the styled spaces. These spaces command top dollar, so even the smallest details were important for the end look! 
Glamping Glastonbury
The Pop-Up Hotel restaurant looked charming and elegant with the gnarled trunks and glaucous leaves of our large and ever so popular olive trees. Sat in the heart of the hubbub, we think these would have created lovely focal points and talking points within the room. Bay trees and lavender plants would have added an extra dimension to the room by adding gorgeous heady and summery aromas. 
Restaurant at the Pop-Up Hotel
V.I.P tents, Glastonbury
Glastonbury is such a spirited festival and we loved visiting and experiencing a small snippet of a phenomenal festival and getting a glimpse of all the hard work and organisation that takes place before the event started. Our plants and trees have been amongst some interesting people and have been a back-drop to stunning interior styling. We hope our trees and plants captured the attention of people and helped ignite conversations. For now they are back with us having some T.L.C, ready for their next expedition! Here's to more lively and sunny festivals filled with botanical beauties!