The Mighty Olive Tree

Medium Olive Tree
The most stunning of evergreen trees is the mighty olive which conjures up thoughts of warm weather and Mediterranean holidays. There's no doubt that these enchanting trees command attention and are captivating. From open ocean vistas, festivals, or in a traditional church setting, they create a uniqueness to a wedding or venue and provide a lovely natural backdrop. They can look equally stunning on a restaurant terrace or in a garden.
Their leaves are referred to as being glaucous. To you and me that means a blue, grey, green colour. The Glaucous term derives from the latin word glaucus and greek word glaukos and means "gray" or "gleaming" and describe the yellow-green or bluish-gray colour.
Olive trees adore a sub-tropical climate with mild winters and warm, dry summers, but are hardy enough to thrive in a British climate. Olive trees can live for hundreds or even thousands of years with an average life span being 500 years. It's been known that some reach a old as 1,500 years of age. They're speedy at growing in their first few years, but then really slow down their growth speed thereafter.
Olive tree
Arbequina and Koroneiki can bear fruit as young as 3 years of age, although some take up to 5 to 12 years, or some may never bear fruit. In ancient myth the oil from the olive represents divine essence, it's branches symbolize peace and it's trunk represents fertility and prosperity. The olive tree features in Roman legend, the Bible and in the ancient Roman Olympic games, making this an intriguing tree. 
Olive Entrance way
We think these trees are extremely versatile and be hired in a range sizes, from table top size to taller than a human. An Olive tree can create a statement on it's own, usually one large, gnarled tree with an un-kempt aesthetic that hasn't been pruned tightly can become a talking point and help to soften a scheme, or many trees flanking an entryway or ceremony area can create a stunning effect. They can either be tightly pruned to provide a formal appearance or left un-tamed to add drama, interest and add to a wonderfully atmospheric style.
Natural large Olive
Hessian wrapped around the pots adds to the rustic vibe of the olive tree or under-planting can be added to fit a colour theme or to add more interest.
Large Olive Trees
Olive leaves
The olive tree is a specimen to be celebrated, it works hard to look great all year round and is robust through transportation and the odd pruning session. The olive looks good with a splash of colour or looks just as striking with a dialed down scheme of greens and white. We love them because they can be adapted to different styles by pruning They look delightfully free spirited, honest and whimsical when left un-pruned, perfect for a festival setting, or smart, orderly and modern when tightly pruned.
If you need a gorgeous tree that retains it's look all year round and a tree to soften a wedding setting, then an olive tree is a great choice and hard to beat. These trees have a timeless quality, add atmosphere and will be admired by all!
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