Botanical Green

The colour green is a powerful mood enhancer that evokes a psychological reaction. It's also a symbolism of nature and is representative of good luck and fertility. Most people will identify green as being a restful colour and contributes to the feeling of safety, however the impact a colour can have on an individual will depend on intensity of colour, experiences and culture. Natural greens generally help people feel better and perform better at work, and can be refreshing and soothing. Identifying the plants and trees that you love and adding them to your living spaces, work spaces, or wedding venue is therefore a powerful tool to use to help you feel at your optimum, relieving stress and helping you feel at ease.

Green Foliage


Pull nature indoors by dotting greenery around the house for a shot of joy. Take down nets and swap out heavy curtains for lighter window treatments so you can gaze out to your garden, or to a tree or a window box filled with flowers. Carrying the eye beyond the perimeters of the inside walls of the home or the confines of a small room can be achieved by adding a group of potted plants outside or a statement tree. Gazing to the outside for a few moments brings about a welcoming pause in your day and a reminder to breath. Providing a collection of plants in areas of your home instantly makes it feel welcoming, and if you're not green fingered, then there are some brilliant fake plants out there. Of course as with real plants you'll still need to dust them from time to time. 


There's a plant out there to suit any space and to fit with any interior style. Grouping together palms and ivy in a Victorian or Edwardian house instantly creates this botanical, moody and eccentric feel, that's elegantly captivating. Plants and trees complement dark mahogany furniture and gold gilded mirrors. This style of home can take a myriad of green beauties, don't be too shy to add layers of green in abundance. Any bohemian styled home provides the opportunity to place large Monstera Delisciosa's in corners, and to hang Pothos and spider plants from handmade macrame hangers. Exotic palms and tropical plants can suit any style, while a country cottage suits scaled down varieties of plants and flowers. Perhaps a small pot of trailing ivy on top of a cabinet or a potted geranium sat on a kitchen windowsill will do the trick. With a Scandinavian style make a collection of plants or use one statement plant or tree, such as an olive tree or bird of paradise to make an impact that's slightly reserved.

Wedding Table Decor 

Weddings, parties and festivals present the best opportunities to be creative, add impact and create fascinating spaces. Green will soften hard lines in architecture providing harmony between rough stone and billowy white lace wedding dresses. Green will create a soothing and optimistic feel, ideal for those jittery nerves. Plants and trees will deliver structure making a space feel formal or the atmosphere peaceful and relaxed. Jasmine arches and olive trees can add structure to al-fresco settings leaning to a more formal feel. Palms, hanging plants and tropicals specimens are perceived more as having a relaxed organic feel.

An immersive space full of greenery with finishing touches of green placed here on tables and signs will evoke an enticing atmosphere. Organically placed ruscus and eucalyptus can act as a table runner entwined with small potted ivy or succulents. Greenery indulges the senses. Alongside the visual is the aromas that suffuse into our spaces. Potted herbs and cut flowers have a subliminal impact on our psyche. Their aroma embeds with the memory of the occasion, creating an olfactory memory. Even a slight whiff of a flower or plant that was added to your wedding aesthetic will conjure up happy memories of that day in the future.

Plant Display


Olive trees


Trees & plants to hire for this look

Olive tree




Monstera Deliciosa

Assortment of Succulents

Palour Palm 

Kentia Palm 


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