The Striking and Architectural Tree Fern

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Packed with visual interest, the Tree Fern is the slow grower in the tree and plant kingdom. They take many years to reach the size of an average adult, hence their slightly eye watering price to buy one. They're also typically grown outside of the UK, so have to be shipped here, upping their price a little. We still think they're a super option if you want you wedding or event to look noteworthy.

Large Tree Fern

Striking and architectural they provide a feel of a tropical jungle. This perennial enjoys a sheltered, humid, shady spot, so that their trunk doesn't dry out too much. You'd feel a little silly once you know that these wild looking trees like to be watered over their trunk and not just at the base. Their trunk is actually where water is taken in and if you take a closer look at the trunk it looks very different from a standard tree trunk. Their spreading fronds are a vivid green, which in a dark wooded area or against a black larch covered house makes them pop and look a even more astounding. These fronds can reach up to 2 metres adding drama to a space. They love a slightly humus rich soil that's neutral, but slightly on the acidic side. 

Tropical plants


Tree Ferns

Being a half hardy tree, here in the UK we have to wrap them up to be cosy in the winter. The simple precautions of placing straw on the crown of the tree where the fronds protrude and a wrap of wadding around the fibrous trunk stops frost from attacking the plant, ensuring another growing season. They're cheerfully a bit like us humans, they get more hardy with age and able to tolerate a bit of change.

Small Tree Fern

Tree ferns are typically found in tropical and sub-tropical areas, such as the rain-forests of Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. So if you're honey mooning somewhere gorgeous like these areas, then it would be a shame not create create a connection and add some of these desirable beasts to a wedding venue or reception venue. Using them is a step away form the usual classic look, so could make a venue all the more memorable.


(Large, medium, small and mini tree ferns are available. Please get in touch with  us for more information and head here for tariffs and charges.)


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