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So, you're looking for that perfect venue for a wedding, festival or special occasion, perhaps a tipi didn't spring to mind instantly for a wedding or you were thinking of buying a small marquee to put up for a birthday party. A tipi could be a brilliant option. Be inspired by these gorgeous Nordic Tipis by World Inspired Tents. They’re stunning and versatile and are a great alternative to a standard marquee. These Tipis add a statement and a talking point and can be jazzed up with plants and trees for your shindig.

Tipi Hardy Palms

Add a colour pop with accessories or keep it muted, these tipis can handle both! They give a more relaxed aesthetic compared to a formal church or manor house wedding and allows you to think more broadly about where your wedding could be situated. You could be a stones throw away from a dramatic beach location or cocooned in wooded valley.

Planting wedding, festival & special occasion

Tipis provide more of a festival feel and so look even more fab dressed with bunting and fairy lights. To create more formality to a tipi, a row of large Olive trees, Birch trees or Bay trees can be placed either side of a path to make an avenue for you and your guests to pass through. Another option could be to use twisted cypress, or for a tropical look use tree ferns or extra large hardy palms. We can under plant trees with your favourite flowers (dependent on the seasons) to create cohesion with bouquet colours or a particular style. Ivy added at the base of an Olive tree can soften the edges of a pot and give a more whimsical mood.

Tipi. Teepee, Marquee

To conjure up more magic on your wedding day we suggest adding plants and trees inside. An oasis of green will make the space inviting and feel full of life. Tropical plants and flower arrangements will add a splash of colour to the neutral backdrop of the tipi, and plants and trees with height will lead the eye up into apex of the space. Plants and trees enhance the magical feel of this type of wedding venue and will provide some subtle drama to a space.

World Inspired Tents

Olive trees

Recommended plants, trees and flowers to hire for this look:

Large Olive Trees under-planted with Ivy and flowers of your choice.

Potted Kentia Palm

Potted Fatsia

Potted Butterfly Palm

Seasonal Plants

Hardy Palm



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