Valentine's Day Bespoke Arrangements

We would love to help you to piece together a special bouquet for Valentine's day. We're creating bespoke arrangements to suit any budget. Could there be anything more romantic than the surprise gift of flowers and seeing your starry eyed lover receive something thought through and beautiful?!  A single red rose complemented with sprigs of eucalyptus or ruscus could be the perfect gesture for that new love, or go all out with lots of roses with greenery and the addition of a  few extra special flowers in a different colour. A classic colour palette is of course lusty deep reds and dark greens. By adding in white or lime green coloured flowers, from lilies to carnations, adds highlights and interest to a bouquet.

We're happy to help create a magical arrangement. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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Red rode bouquet

The sweetest gesture of love is the giving of a thought out bouquet of flowers, even if that means adding a light touch of greenery to a single rose, or a flourish with white flowers with a different form, or with a heady scent. A bouquet of roses doesn't need to be thrown out over time either. By trimming the rose stems, and hanging them in a cool dark space for two to three weeks you can then preserve them with some hairspray and tadaaaa! you have a lasting gesture.

Single red rose

A romantic Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be the gift of a traditional red rose, you could look to unique longer lasting displays with ruby red plants and flowers in containers. You could steal away some time for a romantic meal at home and place a centre piece of Anthuriums on your dining table amidst some scattered rose petals.

Red Valentine's Day Gift

On Valentine's Day lovers express their love for one another with gifts and cards. Lupercalia was a Roman festival held in the middle of February which celebrated fertility rites, the forthcoming spring, and men and men and women being paired off. From the around the 14th century this Lupercalia became renamed St. Valentine's Day by Pope Gelasius I and developed into a time to celebrate romance, which continues today on the 14th of February. The origins and legends surrounding St. Valentine's Day are still unsure of today. One legend suggests that St. Valentine ignored the emperor's orders and married couples without the emperors's knowledge in order to save men from going to war.


Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's messages started around the 1500's and by the late 1700's cards were printed commercially. This day became synoymous with the Roman god of love, Cupid, and because the mating season of birds began mid-february, birds also became a symbol of this date. Candy and flowers have become the norm for gift giving, with impressive roses being a popular choice to give due to their symbolism of beauty and love.

Valentine's Day


Valentine's flowers


Single red rose


Simple Valentine's day bouquet  

Plants & flowers to use in these arrangements:

Red roses

White roses

Red & white Carnations




Gypsophila Paniculata (Baby's breath)

Gerbera flowers ( giant daisy)