Silver Birch Trees

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These Elegant trees look stunning and create a beautiful tranquil and soft atmosphere. Often hired for Marquees Poles.... they look perfect.

Silver Birch are seasonal though.... available Mid May - End of October. But this is a rough guide and will depend on the weather and seasons. 

Silver Birch also go through different looks, in May their leaf is delicate, bright and vibrant. As the weeks and months go further into summer their leaves becomes darker and tougher. 

I also experience a 'summer drop' with my trees; their leaves can turn yellow and start to drop... not all of them but quite a few.... it always panics the life out of me but after a little shake and tidy up they are good to go!!  

I'm not a trained horticulturist, but I love gardening and have learnt on the go! 


4 x Extra Tall - approx 14ft  £60 each

9 x Tall - approx 11ft - 12ft £45 each

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